If you've arrived here, you've found my Project Planner. It records issues around my various Open Source (Chandler's Zen) software and some of my professional activities (Hartley Consultants).

The Open Source Projects are generally public and I encourage you to become involved with them. However I have not opened up the registration to self registration simply because when I did that before I ended up with many e-mails per day from spammers trying to break the registration. I got fed up after 30000 attempts. Instead, if would like to help out, please go to the Hartley Consultants front page, here (https://www.hartley-consultants.com) and enter a message in the contact us board, I will respond as soon as I can.

This is a bit of an experiment. I have migrated data across from my old tracker (using BT Mantis) and hope to build up the database and wiki's here from that base.

Latest projects

  • MBChat ()

    Chat program

  • AKC Money ()

    AKC money is a financial management applications

  • Football ()

    American Football Results Picking Competition. This software manages the competitions and keeps track of participants picks, working out their score for the competition.

    -Uses Postgresql to hold the information- Uses SQLite to store information

  • Air Hockey ()

    Air Hockey is a real time simulation of air hockey using ajax/javascript to communicate between the two players in close to real time (close enough to jointly model puck position).

    It is combined with a ladder system so that matches can be scored and a ladder created with all members who wish to participate...

  • Open Source Applications ()

    Super Project to Hold My Open Source Applications