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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version Start date Due date
2502MBChatTaskNewNormalCreate PDF Chat Log27/05/2014 07:18 AMv4.0
2518MBChatTaskNewNormalInvestigate Angularjs as a better way to restructure application - as it is a bit unwieldy at the moment27/05/2014 07:21 AMv4.0
2585MBChatBugIn ProgressNormalDatabase can be locked when try to update from index.php and chatter is running10/06/2014 01:52 PMv3.610/06/2014
407AKC MoneyTaskNewNormalUpgrade to use Polymer and NodeJS Server as a progressive WEB APPAlan Chandler27/02/2017 09:05 AMv4.031/01/201811/02/2018
515AKC MoneyStoryIn ProgressNormalI would like to be able to produce a balance sheet from the package13/04/2017 03:29 PMv3.804/10/201419/10/2014
516AKC MoneyTaskNewNormalUnderstand what balance sheet enhancement requires13/04/2017 03:28 PMv3.804/10/201405/10/2014
1883AKC MoneyTaskNewNormalDefine the look and feel of the new application27/02/2017 09:05 AMv4.031/01/201811/02/2018
1884AKC MoneyTaskNewNormalDesign implementation of Balance Sheet 13/04/2017 03:28 PMv3.811/10/201412/10/2014
1885AKC MoneyTaskNewNormalDefine implementation tests suite13/04/2017 03:29 PMv4.018/10/201419/10/2014
1886AKC MoneyTaskNewNormalImplement and Test13/04/2017 03:29 PMv3.8
2620FootballTaskIn ProgressNormalMake first unit test, for element not yet created (<smf-auth>)28/08/2014 08:17 AMv4-sprint127/08/2014
2715FootballTaskIn ProgressNormalSet up gulp so it will run jshint on javascript files and run unit tests for client and server28/08/2014 08:23 AMv4-sprint119/08/2014
2716FootballTaskNewNormalCreate first unit test for server for route /participant28/08/2014 08:21 AMv4-sprint1
2717FootballTaskNewNormalAdd gulp testing of server unit tests28/08/2014 08:22 AMv4-sprint1
90AKC MoneyTaskIn ProgressNormalImprove handling of "Other" accountAlan Chandler13/04/2017 03:27 PMv4.0


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